Cannabis Coming Out: Bergen Fontanesi

"Three years ago I was in a really bad horseback riding accident and to make a long story short I landed on the saddle and my vagina paid the price. I had to have two surgeries and I was prescribed countless pain killers. Having countless friends pass away from drug overdoses from the exact pills prescribed to make me better, I refused to take them. I began smoking and taking high CBD products offered by my dispensary and I can honestly say cannabis truly saved my life. Now, I am fully healed and I took that experience fucking ran with it! I swore to myself to create more awareness about how cannabis is a health product, rather than a taboo subject or "drug". Now I am running a dispensary in San Francisco and helping other people steer away from pharmaceuticals and towards the natural way of medicating."

#cannabiscomingout by #cannabisfeminist Bergen Fontanesi