Goodbye Spliffs, Hello Herbal Blend


As a total bong girl, joints are often too harsh for me and I'm ashamed to say this but I'm tempted by the occasional spliff. Here's the good news: those days are so over. I found the solution: Herbal Blend smokable herbs to sprinkle on my cannabis instead. My friend Hannah and I came up with a similar idea last year and called them "Moods" because these herbs are very powerful. Herbal Blend's brilliant blends of dried herbs and flowers taste so good that sometimes I crave them on their own. The company sent me their "Deep Floral" blend, featuring raspberry leaf, damiana, cornflowers, chamomile, rose and calendula, each with their own set of beneficial properties. The floral blend tastes sweet and soothing. I also love their "Mint" blend with peppermint, spearmint, damiana, and coltsfoot. This blend made my joint taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream! 

Thanks to the founder, Ari Gottesman, the Cannabis Feminist community gets and exclusive 20% off Herbal Blend products and free shipping using the promo code "CANNABISFEMINIST." Click here to shop now. Join me in saying goodbye to tobacco, now and forever. 


Here's Ari's story: 

"After smoking tobacco & cannabis for 10+ years, I quit tobacco. My cannabis was like a lone sock, useless without it's pair. Growing up in Montreal with the European influence and a vibrant Moroccan community (who loves their hash), The only way I knew how to engage with cannabis culture was spliffing. I wasn't about to start smoking from a bong and vapes were hardly a thing. My sock needed to find its pair..

I didn't smoke tobacco for 10 years cause I like smoking tobacco, I liked the idea of smoking in general, at a young age tobacco took hold of me and was the forefront of my association with smoking, not until I quit tobacco did I realize I enjoyed the hobby of smoking, not the habit.

Tobacco was a powerful medicine until it became commercialized/mixed with 4000+ toxins and sold in 7/11 in a pack of 20. Smoking is an opportunity to plug into the bounties of nature and enjoy its fruits, if respected, it can give more then it takes. There are 7.1 million deaths globally due to tobacco, if 1% of smokers enjoy the hobby and not the habit, HB very well may be their life boat."

Jessica Assaf1 Comment