Cannabis Coming Out Month

In honor of Tahnee Shah, June is #cannabiscomingout month. Every day this month we will share the story of a Cannabis Feminist's journey coming out of the cannabis closet. If you want to share your story, email us a photo and blurb or post it on Instagram and tag @cannabisfeminist and #cannabiscomingout to be featured. I'll start. 

"I spent the past ten years in the cannabis closet. Though I was always open with my family and friends about my close relationship with the plant, there was always a slight misalignment between my deep-rooted love for cannabis and my long-standing insecurities as a young woman and aspiring entrepreneur. For years I pursued a career in the beauty industry and built myself up as an activist fighting for safer personal care products and stricter formulations protecting our health. When I was accepted to Harvard Business School, I finally felt enough validation to be more open about my relationship with cannabis. I was more confident knowing that I could self-medicate with cannabis every single day and still get my MBA. But during business school I never felt more alone in my connection to cannabis. Social events consisted of drinking free alcohol in fancy clothes, and all I wanted to do was share a joint with friends in my pajamas. It wasn't until I graduated and moved to Los Angeles in October that I felt at home for the first time in eight years. The minute I arrived back in California, I started meeting likeminded women who are just as passionate about cannabis as I am. And when I met Tahnee Shah, everything clicked. For Tahnee, cannabis was always a medicine. I realized that cannabis was and is a medicine for me, too. Cannabis is my therapist, my best friend feeding me confidence without asking for anything in return, and my platform to share my truth. Here I am, a few months later, with a budding business and an electric community of Cannabis Feminists giving me the love and light I have been looking for my whole life. Thank you, cannabis, for everything, but especially for Tahnee. Tahnee, you were always our angel, but now you are our mascot. Cannabis Coming Out Month is dedicated to you."

#cannabiscomingout by #cannabisfeminist Jessica Assaf.