Lessons from the First Cannabis Women's Circle

On Monday, January 16th we hosted the first cannabis women's circle in Los Angeles. About twenty women attended, including a cannabis matchmaker, celebrity chef, two young women who heard about us through Instagram, friends, activists, entrepreneurs, Marta Freedman of Hot Girls Eating Pizza, and a fierce cancer warrior named Tahnee Shah who believes cannabis is saving her life. The circle took place at Dandelion Tea house in Marina Del Rey. We featured products by Satori, Kiva, hmbldt, Edipure, Breez, HealTHCare Superfoods, White Penguin, and flowers from Rose Collective. We tested products as a group and each spoke about our relationship to cannabis. 

Here are 5 things we learned: 

1. Cannabis is a girl's best friend. 
When we went around the circle to discuss our relationship to cannabis, many of us described cannabis as our "best friend." However, we spent years ashamed of our love for cannabis and afraid we would be judged by our peers. In order to move forward, we need to eliminate the fear and embrace the benefits of cannabis together. 

2. Proper dosing of edibles is critical. 
Because we tested different edible products, they did not affect us until after the circle was over. Though we divided each edible into multiple doses, many women tried a few different products and lost track of the amount of milligrams they consumed. One woman did not realize the Edipure infused dried apricots were medicated and ate too many. In the future, we will introduce the product offerings at the beginning of the meeting so everyone is aware of the proper dosing. 

3. Respect that everyone's tolerance is different. 
Though all the women who attended the circle were cannabis enthusiasts, it is important to recognize that we all have vastly different tolerance levels. At the next meeting we will address this so that everyone feels comfortable with the amount of cannabis they want to consume. 

4. The cannabis vocabulary needs to be modernized. 
We noticed the variety of terminology we all use for cannabis: pot, weed, marijuana, greens, etc. In order to create a more sophisticated cannabis culture, we need to modernize the cannabis vocabulary. 

5. Cannabis provides a new perspective outside of ourselves. 
Both Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted and Cevon Iny of Miss Grass expressed that cannabis allows us to get outside ourselves to see life from a fresh perspective. Maybe we should stop saying, "Let's get high" and start saying, "Let's get self-aware." 

Jessica Assaf4 Comments