Cannabis Coming Out: Michelle Zauzig

"My body is attacking itself. 

Bouts of hives, swollen lymph nodes, a puffy and swollen body, extreme exhaustion and a lost sense of empowerment over myself. 

Seven doctors, thousands of dollars and little relief. 

I felt like I had hit a dead end. Began to accept what my health professionals were telling me and wondered if I should just start taking the medications they were nudging me to take. 

Lucky (and unlucky) for me, my mind is much stronger than my body. I took my health back into my owns hands. I started with meditating, then eating clean and finally after extensive and incessant research, began to make my own tonics, teas and elixirs. The result? 

90% improvement (100% if i’m very diligent, but i’m human). Taking my health into my own hands and seeing results affected my whole life. I feel better, I feel empowered, I feel hopeful (and a bit prideful for my rapid recovery). Using CBD oils for inflammation and food for nourishment was my winning combination. 

Using plants as medicine has been doing for all of human existence. When did we stop and why? Have we truly allowed Big Pharma to bulldoze through our delicate health matters? Have we become so inpatient and accustomed to instant results that synthesized chemicals look more appealing than potions from the earth? 

That a minute to contemplate these questions. I did, and it changed my life. Redefine your definition of wellness, reclaim resourcefulness within the earth and regain your voice when it comes to your health."

#cannabiscomingout by #cannabisfeminist Michelle Zauzig